Introduces Trusted-Redirects, the First News Distribution Service to Offer Self-Hosted Press Release

Boerne, Texas ( Thursday Dec 15, 2022 @ 7:00 PM Pacific —, the recently launched news distribution and news marketing platform that combines traditional newswire distribution features with influencer marketing and blockchain technology, is once again redefining the industry with self-hosted press releases.

Typically when a company distributes a press release, it resides on the server of the chosen newswire partner. This is important because the distribution partner acts as the source of truth for the press releases they distribute, and they need to represent to the world that the press release does not get altered. The result is that the newswire receives thousands of page views while the company issuing the press release gets a handful of “click-throughs” to its website.

The Self-hosting or Trusted Redirect of press releases is a free service provided by to its customers and offers the following benefits:

  • More Traffic: When someone pulls up the press release, redirects them to the press release hosted on your site.
  • More Control: When you self-host your press release you control the customer journey and can add your own call-to-action(s).
  • Improved Transparency: You don’t need to trust the newswire’s analytics when you have access to your own site analytics. Self-hosting your press release gives you better insights and transparency over your results.
  • Increased Trust: The blockchain-verified badge builds trust with your site visitors.

“Self-Hosted news is made possible because of’s blockchain registration and verification technology,” says David McInnis, founder of “This supports our mission to be the industry’s most innovative and transparent news marketing service.”

“Amazing, I get nearly 100% of all press release traffic directly to my client’s websites,” says David Brown, CEO of dbConsulting. “Newsworthy is my preferred way to launch a new website. Newsworthy’s Trusted Redirect feature is a great way to build traffic for a new site.”

For information on self-hosted press releases using the news distribution platform contact

About is a press release distribution and news marketing platform that gives your news a targeted boost and increased visibility. In addition to traditional centralized newswire distribution, Newsworthy offers cost-effective, decentralized news marketing through influencers, industry-specific websites, and targeted campaigns — all from a single platform.

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