Location of Jesus’ Tomb Finally Unveiled

Richmond, VA, November 3rd, 2022: Moshe Mazin finally announces the launch of his highly anticipated book, The Search for Jesus’ Tomb unveiling new secrets and perhaps the real location of the Tomb of Jesus.

Moshe Ben Joseph, also known as Moshe Mazin, is an American engineer, inventor, and author. Mr. Mazin is one of the pioneers of the microelectronic technology industry that started in 1973. He holds 3 academic degrees, 48 US patents issued and pending, and 5 published books.

The Search for Jesus’ Tomb takes up the challenge of answering the age-old question, where exactly Jesus’ Tomb is. Over the course of history, many historians, archeologists, and folk tales had different takes on the matter, but none have been conclusive.

Based on recent studies, there are mainly five locations that claim to be Jesus’ Tomb. They are The Holy Sepulcher tomb in Jerusalem, the Garden tomb in Jerusalem, the Talpiot tomb located five kilometers south of Jerusalem, Roza Bal in Kashmir, and Kirisuto no haka in Japan.

In his book, Moshe resolves the claim that Jesus’ body was resurrected after the body disappeared from the tomb of Joseph Arimathea, which is the basic claim of the Catholic Church. He embarks on a journey of a lifetime, sharing his experience with the readers.

This book is ideal for avid history readers and Jesus lovers as it promotes awareness of the global collective consciousness. Moshe is known for his gripping narrative helping the readers imagine and feel the true essence of the journey. It is truly an eye-opening and honest read which truly is the heart of the matter,

His upcoming book, The Search for Jesus’ Tomb, is ready to hit the shelves and all major online publishing platforms. This one is a sure best-seller as it answers an age-old question – where is the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth?


For more information or to get more information from the author, email Mazin.moshe@yahoo.com or call 757-239-7700.

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