LIX by Libra Incentix Announces Partnership With Some Of Most Rapidly Adopted Platforms In The Middle East

Singapore, 15th Dec 2022 – Singapore-based technology provider Libra Incentix, with their consumer loyalty management platform, has recently joined hands with well-known software companies and major fashion labels. 

Libra Incentix is a technology company specializing in consumer loyalty programs. The organization uses blockchain technology to create a loyalty management platform, named LIX. LIX enables large and small brands to build their own coalition loyalty programs with customizable loyalty tokens that can be monetized and managed through the platform.

The LIX platform follows a pay-as-you-go model and fundamentally aims to connect people to the brands they love. In addition to rewarding consumer spending, brands using the platform can encourage any activity that drives positive consumer engagement such as; downloading a new app, following them on social media, or posting positive feedback online. Customers also have access to a web application and an Android or IOS app, allowing them to manage their accounts, check their rewards balances and redeem discounts in the marketplace. In addition, retailers will have access to a web-based management portal to manage their accounts, edit the earning and redemption logic, manage promotions and view insightful data.

Unique to the platform is the way in which reward settlement and reconciliation have been optimized. These two administrative activities that typically require large teams of people to manage have been automated. All the rules governing a loyalty program, such as the earning logic, redemption options, values and expiration dates, are coded into smart contracts, eliminating the administrative overhead.

The company is constantly generating partnerships that help them reach a large audience. Most recently partnering with the European based Point-of-Sale technology providers, Tamias. Speaking at the signing of the partnership in Qatar where Tamias have massive presence, co-founder Andrew Doxsey termed the alliance as an excellent opportunity for all merchants using Tamias, who will now access a full suite of loyalty management features directly from their POS devices. “We are excited to be signing this partnership with Tamias today. LIX alongside Tamias are offering hundreds of thousands of fans in Qatar with customized LIX loyalty points that can unlock exclusive discounts as high as 30%. In addition, customers will have the opportunity to redeem personalized digital gifts and rewards with unique benefits from various global brands within the LIX marketplace,” he said.  Ahmed Sulaiti the other Co-founder further mentioned that the partnership would propel LIX’s continued brand visibility to a global audience during the month-long sporting tournament, a move that will boost its overall revenue by the end of 2022. “According to Qatar, over 2.4 million tickets have been sold, and with TAMIAS as the exclusive POS provider to over 300 pop-up restaurants, we believe the partnership will have a huge impact,” added Sulaiti. “The partnership with Tamias is a demonstration of how this start-up can form partnerships with leading technology companies at the most prestigious events in the world, and also a testimony to the product quality, and LIX’s ability to provide loyalty solutions at large scale”.

Within weeks of launching, LIX acquired their first major clients who are now using the platform to reach new customers. Retail giants including Apparel Group use the platform to promote luxury brands Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Toms, amongst many others. Popular high street brands such as Aldo and Dune London also leverage the marketplace today. 

USHOP offers tax-free shopping solutions in Europe, with more than 1,000 customers, including Adidas, Pandora, and Lacoste. Partnering with them, LIX is set to reward shoppers for using USHOP’s service and downloading their consumer app. 

LIX has even acquired several early adopters in the restaurant and entertainment industry. Novo Cinema, the most visited chain of theaters in the Middle East, has agreed to work with LIX to drive extra traffic to their cinemas this year. Fine dining restaurants, Gourmet District, Noir, Sasso, and Butchka Steakhouse, will also accept 100 LIX points each in return for 10% discounts on the bill. Moreover, LIX is partnering with Blue Saloon in Qatar. This will allow LIX points to be interchangeable with Mazoon points, the region’s most widely adopted loyalty program. 

Finally, WallPostst is an ERP provider with 7,000+ users who are integrating the LIX reward system with their HR and payroll software module to reward their high-performing employees, based on KPIs, giving LIX access to all the 7000+ users of WallPost. 

LIX has been forming strong ties in the football industry and is in discussions with some major football clubs to address the potential of tokenizing their existing fan points. According to the founders, all these discussions are expected to be converted into solid partnerships by the end of this year. 

Libra Incentix expanded its office space in Zagreb, Croatia, last month. Their full-time team has grown significantly and are now set to take part in multiple blockchain expeditions including TechEx in London, where they will be a proud gold sponsor. Co-Founder Andrew Doxsey will be speaking about the tokenization of loyalty programs on the main stage and plans to form further strategic alliances that can make LIX mainstream.

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