Greenix Pest Control Expands its Exterminator Services Further into the Detroit Area

Detroit, MI – Pest invasions create an uncomfortable environment, damage property, and put families at risk. Compared to DIY pest control, trained Greenix Pest Control service technicians and exterminators know the signs to look for, how to locate invasions, and long-term eradication methods. They don’t just provide service, but they also protect clients’ homes in Detroit and surrounding areas from future pest invasions and structural damage. They strive to build and maintain lasting relationships with each client based on trust, honesty, understanding, and compassion. The company provides four-season protection and quarterly treatments against over 50 pests. To ensure client satisfaction, the service professionals have a 48-hour response time and offer services for pest pop-ups in between appointments.

“Our clients trust us because of our attention to detail and commitment to being the most responsible, eco-friendly pest control company providing lasting results.” – Company Representative.

Whether escaping the cold or hiding from the heat, ants, cockroaches, spiders, wasps, bees, mites, crickets, and other bugs invade a home to find food, warmth, or shade. The service professionals perform pest control Detroit by identifying the species, locating the colony, and recommending sustainable solutions for extermination. They also handle mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks, which are notorious for spreading diseases and damaging building structural foundations. Property owners with mice, rats, moles, or voles problems can contact Greenix Pest Control’s service professionals. Their initial treatment lays the groundwork for lasting protection against rodents as they place human and environmentally friendly traps before returning for monthly follow-up treatments until the problem resolves.

The technicians use a four-season approach, modern techniques, and pest control technology/equipment to keep properties safe, comfortable, and pest-free. They pay attention to interior and exterior cracks, crevices, and eaves in the doors, walls, basements, attics, floors, and foundations. Also, they recommend removing bushes, treating water structures around a property, and clearing spaces to eliminate pests and restore comfort. No matter the extent of the problem, the team inspects homes thoroughly and creates detailed plans for long-term results.

Greenix Pest Control has spent the last decade perfecting a proprietary pest control extermination process using sustainable treatments that protect pets, children, adults, and the environment. First, the service professionals sweep homes to find webs and nests before applying waterproof dust along the eaves. The crack and crevice treatment protects hard-to-reach areas susceptible to moisture, pest activity, and residual effects. Once completed, they conduct seasonal spray water-resistant treatment to act as a barrier between the home and outside pests and provide a year-round defense. The company’s granular barrier treatment and interior protection prevent nesting near the home and target potential infestation spots. Visit to learn about their process.

The initial treatments take 30 minutes to an hour since the team must lay the groundwork and create custom protection solutions. They examine progress during the treatment, break the egg cycle of existing pests, and make necessary adjustments. However, subsequent visits for seasonal treatments or maintenance take less time. Get a free quote by calling 947-447-2545. Greenix Pest Control is located at 28243 Beck Rd b5, Wixom, MI, 48393, US.

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