Chamber of Commerce Announces New Giftcard Program Supports Local Businesses

The Buda Area Chamber of Commerce (BACC) and (KBLD) will be working together on their newest launch for The Buda Area Mobile Gift Card Directory going into 2023. These two companies have a wealth of combined experience in the strengthening and empowerment of the local business community, relationships in the community, and business growth tools, technologies, and marketing strategies.

Interested parties can view full partnership details on the following website:

“We feel like this is a great opportunity for our members to showcase their businesses and get more people coming in their doors,” said Ken Higdon, BACC Executive Director.

With the launch of The Buda Area Mobile Gift Card Directory, and Buda Area Chamber of Commerce will be sharing multiple responsibilities including:

Raising Awareness – Both groups will help raise public awareness for the convenience, value, and benefits of using mobile gift cards in the community

Supporting Local Growth – Both groups are committed to providing support for growth and empowerment in the community

Shared Resources – Both groups will continue to share resources with the local community to aid in growth goals and objectives

The Buda Area Mobile Gift Card Directory has been created specifically for Local Business Owners with multiple features and tremendous benefits for their customers:

Supporting Local Businesses #supportlocal #buylocal #eatlocal Efforts – Buying A Mobile Gift Card for a friend or someone they know, supports the local business and helps them gain more exposure in the community with their help.

The Customer’s Dollar Goes Further – The customer will earn an EXTRA 20% BONUS BUMP added to their gift card balance automatically. When they buy a mobile gift card for themselves or as a gift for someone else, they will also earn up to 25% bonus bump instantly on their balance.

Mobile Wallet Convenience – Mobile Gift Card lives in the Apple or Android Wallet meaning it can conveniently be “refilled” or “topped-up” when the balance gets low. This also offers the opportunity for the user to earn additional loyalty rewards points for continuing to support their local businesses.

Titos Menchaca, Co-Founder of had this to say about the new launch partnership for The Buda Area Mobile Gift Card Directory:

“We are excited about the opportunity to work closely with the Buda Area Chamber of Commerce in launching a local Gift Card Directory to support our local businesses right here in our backyard. Purchasing these mobile gift cards as gifts will help generate more exposure for the local business and the customer earns an additional 20% added to their balance… instantly! The best way to share, support, and care for the the local community businesses where everyone wins… the businesses win, the customers wins, and the community wins!”

Those interested in learning more about the partnership can do so here:

Those interested in purchasing any of The Buda Area Mobile Gift Cards available, can do so here by visiting the Directory here:

7 41st Avenue

United States

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