Bioenergetic Medicine Centre: Herbal Detox Services in London Launched

As the clinic is staffed by a combined team of naturopaths and nutritionists, they believe they are in a unique position to advise their clients about specific wellness and lifestyle changes they can make to detox and therefore support their optimal health. In particular, The Corpus Naturalis Clinic now has new herbal detox wellness treatment plans that are designed to help patients eliminate unwanted toxins and thus increase their vitality.

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The launch of their new herbal detox services coincides with the latest findings from the European Environment Agency. As the article, which was called Living Healthily In A Chemical World, explained 6% of the world’s disease burden–including chronic diseases, cancers, neurological and developmental disorders–and 8% of deaths are now attributed to synthetic chemicals that exist in the foods people eat and in the products they use.

As such, The Corpus Naturalis Clinic believes it is essential that people undertake regular detoxes and attempt to minimise the long-term harmful effects of these environmental and omnipresent toxins.

As a bioenergetic medicine and nutrition centre, they offer herbal detoxes that tap into the long-established healing potential of natural herbs and botanicals as well as nutritionally dense and rich foods. They offer this in conjunction with frequency and energy therapies like electroacupuncture to induce lymph drainage, and liver and gastrointestinal tract detoxification.

The Corpus Naturalis Clinic believes that a successful herbal detox can lead to enhanced immune function, increased energy, better metabolic function and the restoration of good health.

The clinic was founded by Noel Nile, a naturopath cross-nutritionist who has worked alongside some of the world’s biggest names in holistic, alternative and integrated medicine, including Dr Hesham El Essawy who developed the modern naturopathic usage of Rife therapy.

A spokesperson for the naturopaths said, “In a world increasingly dominated by toxins, additives, bacteria and stress, there are new variants of conditions, such as auto-immune disease, cancer, Lyme disease and intestinal tract upsets, every year. Many clients today need their cellular function and ‘bio-terrain’ brought back to a better balance before chronic conditions can be addressed. We have the experience to do this.”

More information on the variety of holistic detox treatments they provide can be accessed at

The Corpus Naturalis Clinic
58-60 Marchmont Street
58-60 Marchmont St
United Kingdom

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