Atlanta Wind Damage Roof Repair, Storm Roofing Inspection Service Update

With the update, the contractor now offers roof repair and restoration solutions for a variety of roofing issues caused by sustained, strong, or flash wind storms. The company’s post-storm roof repair package includes emergency, short-term interventions designed to prevent additional damage to customers’ roofing systems before permanent, long-lasting repairs are approved and completed.

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As part of the update, Colony Roofers offers a complimentary 30-minute roofing inspection to help evaluate the extent of the damage and determine the appropriate course of action to restore the roof to its pre-storm condition.

Atlanta is prone to severe weather occurrences that cause storm-related property damage. The severity of the damage, as the contractor explained, depends on many factors, including the type and age of the roofing materials, the roof’s shape and angle, and the quality of the original roof installation, among others.

Colony Roofers have extensive experience providing roof repairs for a variety of wind-damaged roofing problems. The contractor can repair ripped, blown-off, or curled shingles, plus identify and fix roof leaks that resulted from nail pops, lifted shingles, or cracked shingles, all of which are common storm-related roofing issues.

The contractor prioritizes quality and durable workmanship and, as such, uses guarantee-backed materials from leading manufacturers.

Alongside wind-damaged roof repairs, Colony Roofers offers roofing replacement and installation services, which, according to Atlanta’s building code, is the recommended solution for cases where over 30% of the roof needs attention.

The contractor has a standardized service price list that addresses customers’ concerns about hidden charges, allowing the homeowner to plan accordingly with confidence.

“Unfortunately, part of owning a home in Atlanta, GA, includes dealing with roofing issues,” the company stated on its website. “Whether you need a few shingles repaired or a whole new roof, you want a local team with a lot of experience and talent. That is what you get from Colony Roofers.”

Interested parties can call 678-365-3138 to book an appointment or visit to learn more.

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