Arlington Health Insurance May Get A Reprieve From Potential ACA Repeals

Arlington health insurance could still experience changes after the November elections. But it appears to be far less likely now that long-time naysayers to the Affordable Care Act don’t appear to be focusing their efforts on repeal legislation as they piece together their election platforms. In years past, red-state lawmakers have always addressed repealing the ACA during election time and campaigned against the individual and business mandates inside the embattled healthcare act. According to several published reports, they may finally be giving up on that particular fight.

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Potential lawsuits have been staples of every national red-state campaign until now. This included when they were in control of the senate. But they never could accomplish it, furthering the belief that they are accepting the idea that the Affordable Care Act will be here for at least the immediate future. This is clearly big news for individuals with health insurance in Arlington who were previously uninsured or underinsured. Though the ACA has long been a massive sticking point for many lawmakers, including the previous administration, there’s no denying that it is the central piece to the current administration’s initiative to offer affordable healthcare to every American. The plan is to address future subsides that should continue to drive down the cost of affordable health insurance.

Rick Thornton, an Arlington health insurance agent , said this news is a step in the right direction. He echoed an article from the Florida Daily that said House Republications are instead laying out healthcare proposals that include “enabling states to approve a wider variety of health plans to facilitate more competition and affordability, encouraging more portable health coverage” and “giving small businesses more options for competitively priced insurance for their employees, making health savings accounts accessible to more people to personalize their healthcare and save for the future.

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