Food Industry Startup Mentorship Program, Entrepreneurship Accelerator Launched

IdeaPros has announced the continuation of its mentorship programs for individuals who want to bring a food concept to market. These programs are led by experienced entrepreneurs who have helped establish multi-million dollar food brands in the United States.

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IdeaPros was conceived as a more affordable alternative to a formal business degree. “People go to good business schools to learn the best entrepreneurial practices and network with potential investors,” a company spokesperson explained. “But we all know that the university route is not the most cost-effective option for most people.”

Instead of a lengthy stay at a university, IdeaPros provides mentoring sessions, which can be accessed by purchasing any of its courses or by entering into a partnership agreement with the company.

IdeaPros currently offers two online courses, the Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur course and the Business Starter Pack. Consisting of 15 lessons, the Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur teaches a systematic process of starting a business from scratch. Meanwhile, the Business Starter pack delves into more specialized topics, such as determining the total addressable market and developing a funding strategy.

Both courses offer an opportunity to consult a dedicated mentor about a business idea.

“You can also propose a partnership with the company, but this option would require you to give an impressive pitch,” the spokesperson said. “It’s a grueling process, but the level of support you’ll gain after getting the team’s nod is something you won’t find elsewhere.”

This partnership program has been instrumental in the launch of a number of food businesses, including Pocket Rocket, a brand of pure liquid caffeine; HoppedUp, a hangover cure; and Marinelli’s, a brand of authentic Italian pasta sauce.

About the Company

The brainchild of attorney, entrepreneur, and online business personality Frederick Cary, IdeaPros seeks to give budding entrepreneurs an “unfair advantage” through insights and training from a team of acclaimed product innovators and founders.

“A company like IdeaPros is there to be a resource for you,” one partner explained. “You have someone that’s been through it throughout their entire life in their career and helped several other entrepreneurs get through the process as well.”

Interested parties are advised to view a webinar hosted by Mr. Cary, which can be accessed at

99 Wall Street, Suite 3775

United States

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