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Designed for recreational swimmers, competitive swimmers, triathletes, and iron man athletes looking to save energy in their long-distance swim events and workouts, the latest Kick Start series at online coaching platform SWIMVICE teaches swimmers how to execute a two-beat kick, a four-beat kick, and a six-beat kick. These skills lead to an efficient freestyle stroke that can be tempered to suit the swimmer’s goals.

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Not all swim workouts take place at the pool. To enhance swimmers’ technique and conditioning the SWIMVICE platform offers a number of courses, and the opportunity to join a community of like-minded athletes to share tips and experiences. The newly added Kick Start Program is a two-part digital swim course that focuses on flutter kick timing.

Other features of the program include scheduled livestreams; structured plans with video demos, drills, and progressions to help improve technique; online discussions and posts; and special offers and updates for platform members.

The Kick Start Program can be paired with courses that teach proper breathing techniques and stroke cycles to develop a fully integrated freestyle technique that will improve both sprint and long-distance times.

Founded by owner and operator Mandy Bradley, former head swim coach for the University of California, San Francisco Masters, SWIMVICE gives members access to professional coaching through a multi-course digital platform. Members can also create their own profiles to connect and engage with fellow swimmers from all around the world.

Course bundles include the must-complete onboarding course, Kick Start Programs part one and two, a Freestyle Breathing series, Treading Water series, a Freestyle Speed Program, and a 7-day introductory trial including free access to the SWIMVICE community.

Bradley says, “My style of coaching is systematic and involves helping swimmers improve their stroke, technique, and conditioning. I value the importance of always striving to improve through new, innovative ways of coaching to prevent injury and help swimmers enjoy the sport long term.”

The addition of the Kick Start program series to the SWIMVICE platform helps swimmers coordinate their flutter kick with their breathing and freestyle stroke technique so they have the proper foundations in place to help them achieve their goals.

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