ARMedONE Clusterboard to start the era of sustainable cryptomining

Duisburg, NRW, Germany  — Germany-based Ares BlockchainGmBH has developed an answer to the power consumption of Proof of Work Coins – the ARMedONE.

A computer/server mainboard called The ARMedONE can house up to 28 extreme efficient compute modules, including the Nvidia Jetson, Raspberry PI CM3/4, and many others. It has been developed by Ares Blockchain GmBH, a Germany-based tech company. The board features the standard E-ATX form factor and thus its introducing a new era of compute module powered sustainable Server and Miningfarms. They ensured that it would fit every E-ATX PC Case and Rack-Servers. Cramming as much “horsepower” (CPU/RAM/GPU-Cores) on the E-ATX sizes saves enormous amounts of space and takes less Ressources and Room. This can dramatically put down the costs of running professional Serverfarms and datacenters. 

Around the middle of December, the ARMedONE cluster board will go live on

The “Kickstarter edition” pledge is € 1,699.00 and comes with 1x board. The delivery is scheduled for August 2023.

The third shipment, which will cost €1,825.00, is scheduled to arrive in September 2023. After the campaign, the retail price is anticipated to be €1,999.00. Additionally, the business will sell adaptor cards for CM3 to SODIMM for €16.00 and CM4 to SODIMM adapters for €13.00.

Some of the highlighting features of this product are:

– Great power in a small area-It accommodates up to 28 compute modules without exceeding the E-ATX limit. 

– Can be used easily- One PSU and one Ethernet cable are used to power all 28 Modules. There is no need to mess around with several cords.

– Will last for a long time- For Ares Blockchain GmBH, sustainability is the key. Every SO-DIMM Compute Module is compatible with ARMedONE or will be made compatible with additional adapters.

– Quickest integrated network available in the market- Data must move quickly. This is particularly true when acting as a machine learning cluster or renderer cluster between the computing modules. All 28 Compute Modules are capable of 3Gbit communication with one another.

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Watch The most advanced Carrier Board on the planet: That’s the ARMedONE :

About Ares Blockchain:

Ares Blockchain GmBH is the company that developed ARMedONE Clusterboard. They are a rapidly expanding business in Duisburg, Germany. They aim to simplify the lives of techies, for which they create hardware and software.

Media Contact

Business Name: ARES Blockchain GmbH

Contact Person: Pascal Papara



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