Super Moon Lotto Could be Your Chance to Win Big in the Crypto Space

Hong Kong, 12th Dec 2022 – The crypto space has seen several interesting projects, but most didn’t seem to sustain in the long run and were either discontinued or the community lost interest. It was primarily due to two reasons, the absence of the X-factor and the fact that it offered no real value to users. And after considering these and other market variables, Super Moon Lotto brings one of the most exciting crypto projects to make many millionaires. 

Super Moon Lotto has a native token that goes by the same name, and those holding it will automatically be eligible for the weekly draw. Users can choose their lucky number from the official website, hope to win the jackpot, and wait for the lotto draw to conclude. The jackpot prize includes 4% of the total trading that took place in the previous week, in addition to 0.1% of the total supply of tokens that were pre-reserved.

The process is straightforward and automated by employing smart contracts, which eliminates the slightest chance of manipulations and ensures complete fairness. In addition to that, Super Moon Lotto, unlike other projects, wants users to win. To ensure that, the project will reduce the number of balls by 5 from the total of 45 every week if no one wins the jackpot. It will continue until a user wins the jackpot or the balls are reduced to 20, which is the minimum possible count in Super Moon Lotto. So, with every passing week that the jackpot remains unclaimed, your chances of winning it increase exponentially.

Also, the team has reserved 8% of the total supply for jackpot rewards, thus ensuring the users keep winning big in the long run. Another 1.9% has been reserved for mega Jackpot events. Besides, 26% of the total supply has been burnt to date, which will continue in the coming days, thus increasing the value of tokens remaining in circulation. 

To ensure complete transparency and verify that its smart contracts and processes meet the standard guidelines, Super Moon Lotto underwent a rigorous audit by, and everything was found to be in order. 

Besides, the weekly draw is only one of many reasons you would want to join Super Moon Lotto. Holding the tokens itself carries excellent rewards. Anyone with the Super Moon Lotto token will receive their share of 4% of the total transactions on the platform, ensuring a steady stream of funds for simply holding the token.

Another vital aspect of Super Moon Lotto is that the jackpot will increase when the community grows since it directly depends on the volume of transactions. So get as many to join Super Moon Lotto, experience this fun ride, and become millionaires, though a lot of it depends on luck. And do not forget, Super Moon Lotto is holding the pre-sale for its native token starting on Dec 8, 2022. The tokens will be available at the lowest price ever, so make sure to get as many as possible.

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