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Drainage Team announced the expansion of its service area for French drain installations to meet the growing demand for affordable ways to redirect accumulated water that can permeate basements and cause structural damage. Aside from drainage solutions, the company installs stormwater basins, erosion control solutions, and basement waterproofing for residential and commercial properties.

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Drainage Team announced the French drain installation service to solve St. Louis home and property owners’ concerns with standing water. The team uses this strategy of water redirection to prevent water from pooling in unwanted areas, where it often creates cracks in foundations, erodes existing structures, and limits the potential for building on a flooded piece of land. Pooling can occur after flash floods or due to rapid snow melting. In the St. Louis area, which experiences flooding and occasional heavy snowfall, drainage systems can benefit those who wish to protect their property from water damage.

French drains are designed to move water from one area to a more suitable location. A French drain is a trench dug into the ground wherever water is gathering. Once the trench is complete, installers place a perforated pipe in the center. The trench, wrapped in an filtering material, is then covered with gravel or rock. French drains are also commonly known as “rubble drains,” “rock drains,” “french ditches,” and “trench drains”. Called by any name, they function to transport pooling water away from homes, landscaped areas, gardens, or anywhere else where deep puddles are not wanted.

Drainage Team uses Perforated Schedule 35 Sewer & Drain (SDR35) pipe that can withstand freeze-thaw. French drain installers are experts in watershed analysis and square footage estimations. Each installation is evaluated to ensure proper slopes and discharge at the correct location.

According to Drainage Team, clients may be interested in a French drain for several reasons: Standing water often creates a mess in the lawn and garden. Most homeowners do not wish to have a muddy pool in areas where friends and family gather, and a French drain can eliminate this issue. The team also states that large lots with ongoing water flow are susceptible to erosion and damage that can eventually affect structures.

With over 25 years of experience, Drainage Team aims to provide complete stormwater management to their clients, preventing further costly repairs related to excess water on a property.

A spokesman for Drainage Team says, “Our French drain systems discharge at the correct location to minimize erosion and maximize efficiency. We use a transit to shoot the grades to make sure we have proper slopes on all of our French drain installations. Our work is guaranteed, so we can guarantee our clients it’ll be done right the first time.”

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