Fencing Hamilton: Hamilton fencing heat goes on pool owners under new law change

Fencing Hamilton says when it comes to Hamilton fencing parents face fines if paddling pools with 30cm of water not fenced under proposed law

Parents with inflatable paddling pools could face $500 fines if they ignore council orders to fence them off or empty them after use under proposed rules to be unveiled today.

Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson will announce changes to the 1987 Fencing of Swimming Pools Act which, if passed next year, will introduce a new enforcement regime, including $500 fines for those who don’t fence off their pools properly which includes Hamilton fencing.

The new law will mean any pool where the water is more than 30cm deep – even portable and inflatable – will need to be fenced off if they are left up permanently.

Under current laws, pools deeper than 40cm have to be fenced, but officials say the requirements have not been clear and are not happening in many cases. To find out more contact the team at https://fencinghamilton.nz with regards to Hamilton fencing requirements.

The leading causes of children, five and younger, drowning or being injured in pools are:

unsupervised access to pools through faulty gates and barriers

ladders left against the pool and gates propped open

small portable pools remaining full of water without supervision or a complying barrier.

Any portable or inflatable pool that can hold 400mm depth of water or more is required to have a barrier by law. Fencing Hamilton say other portable pools like paddling pools should be supervised at all times and emptied after use.

Homeowners, tenants, landlords and property managers carry joint responsibility for pool safety when it comes to fencing in Hamilton. Make sure the pool is always secure and ensure safety through regular maintenance of fences and gates.

When it comes to fencing in Hamilton by law, all pools, including small heated pools (spas, hot tubs, etc), must have a barrier to prevent unsupervised access to the immediate pool area by children younger than five years old.

A pool barrier must restrict access to the pool from:

the house

other buildings

vehicle or pedestrian access ways

other areas of the property.

Non-pool related items and activities can not be located inside the pool area. These include:

clothes lines

play equipment

vegetable gardens

dog kennels

general storage areas.

Fencing Hamilton pool barriers:

must restrict access to the pool and the immediate pool area

must be at least 1.2m in height above the ground and any permanent projection (for example, steps, retaining walls, raised gardens, etc) or object placed on the ground outside and within 1.2m of the barrier

must have no climbable features on the outside of the barrier (or adjoining barrier) that could be used for climbing unless they are spaced at least 900mm apart

must not have any gaps that exceed 100mm in or under it, including pet doors

Trellis or mesh fencing around the pool:

higher than 1.8m must have openings 35mm or less, or be fitted with a protective cover

with height between 1.2m – 1.8m must have openings 10mm or less, or be fitted with a protective cover.

Ensure there are no trees that could assist young children climbing the fence.

For pools (including freestanding pools and swim spas), installed after 1 January 2017, removable ladders are not allowed unless they are enclosed by a complying barrier and gate.

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