Bondy Launches New and Exciting BIPOC Gift Boxes for Employee Gifting

December 10, 2022 – Companies looking to build culture, connection and joy, while supporting Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color (BIPOC) businesses now have a new ally in the newly added BIPOC box from Bondy’s curated gift box collection. Bondy is a woman-owned business that helps companies maintain employee engagement and workplace culture in the new season of Work from Home. The company offers an array of gift box options for just about any occasion – from holiday, employee and appreciation gifts to milestones, meetings and socially conscious gift boxes.

Bondy teamed up with Pipsnacks, Oh Mazing Food, Packtli Foods and Partake Foods -Owners of BIPOC businesses for this new gift box edition. Touted as “the epitome of perfection”, the new BIPOC gift box consists of exotic, mouth-watering snacks such as organic cheese balls, vegan granola in the velvety coconut flavor, organic puffed quinoa mixed with amaranth and millet, natural low sugar and keto-friendly gummy bears, dried pineapple/ sweet tart lemon cookies.

Co-founder of Bondy, Lisa Harrington, is excited about the new BIPOC box. She said: “As a woman owned business, we understand the ability we have to support other minority product companies. We are looking for BIPOC product companies to reach out with product submissions to be included in future Bondy boxes.”

The new BIPOC gift boxes are already a hit. Brianna Neal of The Opportunity Network said: “It was simple and seamless to provide the BIPOC gift boxes to our remote team and we were able to support businesses owned by Black, Indigenous and People Of Color owned companies in the process. A win for all.”

Like all the Bondy’s other gift boxes, the BIPOC Box includes free shipping, free personalized gift card and Free “Do not open Till” sticker. For further information about the BIPOC Gift boxes or to browse the other curated gift boxes in the range, visit:

About Bondy: Bondy is a woman-owned company founded to help companies maintain employee engagement and workplace culture during the exodus from work to home. The company exists to recreate that energetic connection by engaging all five senses. Bu delivering shared experiences, Bondy connects and builds teams no matter where they are.

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