Tokenz Limited: A new Centralized Exchange to Revolutionize the Crypto Space with features Never Experienced Before

Unique features offered by no other exchange

New Delhi, Delhi Dec 10, 2022 ( – Tokenz Limited is the new centralised exchange taking the crypto world by storm. The new exchange is dedicated to backing meaningful innovations to empower its users and exploring use cases for blockchain technologies across verticals. The exchange is backed by the best thinkers and experts that the industry has to offer.

The platform promises the best rates by aggregating liquidity across all Indian exchanges and supports over 200 cryptocurrencies for users, where they will buy and sell their derivatives.

Tokenz Limited is here to revolutionise the crypto world by offering features that no exchange in the world offers. It has offered to present “Spot Wallet Insurance” to all its users. It offers to keep the user’s portfolio safe for the particular time it is insured for a nominal fee.

The other feature that no exchange offers is an “APR of 3% per month.” The investor will be offered .1% of APR per day. This feature gives the investor extra benefits apart from the gains it makes on the exchange.

Tokenz Exchange is set to become a global leader in the world of crypto. Tokenz Exchange is a platform for exchanging, staking, and saving, multiple cryptocurrencies. An ecosystem that offers extensive protection against hackers, fraudsters, and especially artificial intelligence (bots). Tokenz Exchange is an independent, scalable platform with a range of protocols, ensuring the honesty and reliability of data storage, protected by a reliable distributed registry, and the latest technologies of data encryption and verification, without revealing personal information or data. Tokenz exchange platform also leverages the highest security protocols, testing, and certification in the industry for accounts, assets, and compliance. Overall, the Tokenz exchange platform is designed to offer every crypto trader from novice to pro a top-notch trading experience that everyone can enjoy while paying as little in fees as possible.

Tokenz Limited is backed by renowned names and expertise. Ms. Rimmi Sen, Director at Tokenz Limited says thatTokenz Exchange is a platform for investors and cryptocurrency traders who are looking to utilize the most advanced trading tools and technology, as well as the combined wisdom of the community in order achieve maximum returns in cryptocurrency markets.”. Manu Prashant, Director at Tokenz Limited says We believe that by accelerating the transition to adopting cryptocurrency, we can help people globally to control their money, along with the ability to access their funds anytime and anywhere, seamlessly”.

All eyes are on Tokenz Limited to emerge as the leader and the most promising exchange in the world of Crypto.


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