Quotable Framed Wall Art Prints, Creative Poster Gifts For Friends Launched

Their latest range has been curated by the retailer’s Brooklyn-based design team and features the work of trendy local designers and artists. All of GetBullish’s new quotable art pieces are designed to spark a conversation and to create a completely unique and personalized touch to any room, office, or commercial space.

More information is available at https://shop.getbullish.com/collections/quotable-art

The new collection has been specifically conceived of as giftware. As the Christmas giving season quickly approaches, GetBullish believes they have the perfect pieces for like-minded, creative friends, with a good sense of humor, to gift each other with.

Their quotable art collection ranges from the heartfelt, uplifting, and sincere to the playfully crass and inappropriate. All of their iconic quotes and statements are accompanied by artful and contemporary graphic design.

For shoppers who are looking for empowering and genuine quotable art that will inspire their gift recipient, GetBullish recommends items like their ‘Darling, You’re A Goddess Art Print In Pink.’ This 5 by 7-inch artwork is set on an iconic millennial pink matte background with a warm coral vintage-inspired typeset.

The ‘You Always Catch The Light’ 11 by 14-inch art print with gold foil embellishments is also another recommended choice to celebrate the powerful women in a person’s life. This custom print is fixed on a thick sturdy board and comes on a pre-strung silk ribbon for easy hanging.

For something sweet but playful, the store’s ‘I’ll Stop The World & Melt With You Ice Cream Art Print’ is a popular choice. On the more comedic side, GetBullish has a slate of tongue-in-cheek framed art prints like their ‘Maybe Swearing Will Help Art Print In Purple’.

GetBullish is proud to be curating the best in local NYC design and homewares and shipping them across the country.

A spokesperson for the online retailer said, “Here at GetBullish we are famous for, and proud of, our reputation for making bold statements. Here we offer you framed wall art quotes about feminism, coffee, adulthood, or getting things done–when you want art in your home or office that is the statement itself, in all its humor, confidence, and/or snark. These will move you every day in the best possible way: by being fun to look at.”

More details can be found at https://shop.getbullish.com


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