New Cryptocurrency Project Bcash Gets Set to Right the Wrongs of the Crypto Market in 2023 and Beyond

BCASH Coin is a newly launched cryptocurrency project that is offering the needed revolution to salvage the crumbling global crypto market with amazing features and offers

United Arab Emirates, 10th Dec 2022 – Cryptocurrency has gone through lots of ups and downs and the recent downturn seems to be the end of its blazing upward run to global adoption. While many believe 2022 is the year crypto ends, a newly launched project will push the frontiers of cryptocurrency in the year 2023. BCASH Coin brings good tidings for fans and members of the crypto community. It offers a digital currency with a unique and innovative concept that would place the crypto market where it should be in the coming year.

The project allows users to purchase the BCASH Coin (token) in a pre-sale (ICO) which is divided into 7 stages – the founder’s stage and 6 other stages. At each stage, the price of the currency is offered to the public at a higher price than the previous stage until the end of the stages and then the entry of the currency into the crypto exchanges.

The sale of the ICO was launched in October 2022 and is expected to enter the crypto exchanges in the first quarter of 2024. According to the company’s published data, the value of the BCASH currency is expected to be traded on the crypto exchanges at a price ranging from $0.90 – $1.5 in the first stages of trading in the first quarter of 2024. The project is currently in the founder’s phase which offers the first 2,200 buyers the right to take part in purchasing coins at reasonable prices ranging from 0.025 cents to 0.038 cents. One exciting fact about the BCASH Coin project is that it promotes cooperation with the shopping platform cosmos market which will enable the purchase of thousands of products using the coin.

Furthermore, the team behind BCASH Coin intends to generate widespread use among the world’s crypto community and allow people who are not yet familiar with the field to enter the world of crypto easily. The project brought real news about the actual use of the currency and not just a means of capital investment.

Through the Neptunet platform, it will be possible to buy and sell the BCASH Coin and purchase various products online. But an important point to note, the exchange rate of the coins available for immediate purchase and use on the shopping platform will be higher than the exchange rate of the purchase of a package of coins in ICO. And it is intended for daily use as a currency. The most profitable rate for investment is the low price when purchasing a founders package or during the ICO stages.

The concept of the project is that the coins in the founder’s packages and the ICO stages are not available for immediate withdrawal, only after entering the crypto exchanges at the end of the ICO will it be possible to receive them. But those looking for a medium-term investment can benefit from a purchase at a cheap price with a very high potential for a significant rate increase.

Another point that the project focuses on is the expansion of the community through daily use already at the beginning by shopping products online for any destination in the world. The company’s goal is to reach every supplier, importer, or shop owner, and cause community cooperation, increasing awareness of the need for discounting payments, maintaining buyer privacy, and upgrading the shopping experience using digital currencies.

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