EXEVerse Labs raises USD7.5 million from Berkwood Capital to accelerate Anime and Mobile Gaming Metaverse Ecosystem

New York, New York, United States, 9th Dec 2022 – EXEVerse Labs, an Asia-based NFT company has secured $7.5 million in funding from Berkwood Capital to accelerate the growth of its metaverse & Web3 products.

  • EXEVerse Labs raised $7.5 million from Berkwood Capital’s $50M “NFT Future Fund”
  • The Web3 company will accelerate development on its anime-inspired, mobile gaming franchise
  • EXEVerse Labs is set to mint its main NFT Collection EXEVerse Genesis on 21 December 2022

The investment will strengthen development and allow EXEVerse to expand its team and accelerate the launch of its suite of mobile games and manga while maintaining the high quality standard that has defined the company.

Founded in November 2021, EXEVerse Labs has successfully launched several NFT products in 2022, including EXEVerse.Shop, EXE Radiance NFT Collection, EXE Collectibles NFT Collection and released the first chapter of its Manga.

EXEVerse sets itself apart in the metaverse space by building and developing products that cater to both the general public as well as the blockchain community. By having a consumer-first mindset rather than a blockchain-first focus, EXEVerse is confident to capture the attention of the general public and lead them into the metaverse gradually. 

By employing a unique Freemium model in its games, players will be able to enjoy the games traditionally but will be able to unlock more immersive and exciting gaming experiences by engaging with NFTs.

EXEVerse is also set to begin monthly serialisation on a manga written by established writer-director Logan Mitev and produced by a professional art studio Huang Long Studios. The manga will introduce the public to the EXEVerse universe of unique characters and exciting stories. The first chapter was released in early December and received overwhelmingly positive response and reviews from the community.

Prior to the funding round, EXEVerse has successfully launched a online merchandise store EXEVerse.Shop and a NFT collection EXE Radiance that introduces unique shopping experiences at the store. EXEVerse Labs’s future plans include launching several NFT collections that each complement a pillar of their products – Manga, Mobile Games & Merchandise.

“I am honoured and proud that EXEVerse is officially the first NFT project that we have funded from our “NFT Future Fund”. After months of talking to various founders and projects, we have selected EXEVerse due to their resilience, diligence and experience in the space. The ambitious plans which EXEVerse have laid out to date alongside their stated goals will no doubt blaze a new path in the metaverse. This first round of funding will not only enable the team to achieve their goals faster but allow them to maintain the high quality expected from their fans and players,” said James Lambert, Berkwood Capital’s Media Manager.

Berkwood Capital will also be providing support in terms of marketing, financing, networking and collaboration with other partners within the space.

“We are very excited to be working with Berkwood Capital to bring our vision to life. We are confident in the future of blockchain and NFTs and cannot wait to present to the world our vision.” said Blake Tan, the Creative Director of EXEVerse.

EXEVerse is set to launch their main NFT Collection EXE Genesis on the 21st of December 2022. EXE Genesis is a NFT collection that allows its holders to receive a reward-sharing ownership in the whole suite of EXEVerse Labs products.

More information can be found at their website, Twitter and Discord

Media Contact

Organization: Berkwood Capital

Contact Person: James Lambert

Email: hello@berkwoodcapital.com

Website: https://www.berkwoodcapital.com

City: New York

State: New York

Country: United States

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