Dr. Jon Wilhelm Offers an Exciting New Modality: Electrons Plus Guided PEMF Therapy

Bozeman, MT, 9th December 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, World-renowned performance therapist and sports chiropractic specialist, Dr. Jon Wilhelm now has access to an ultra-exclusive therapy device called Electron Plus therapy. This breakthrough is manual guided PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) therapy. The technology is so rare and new that there are less than 250 Electron Plus units in the world and Dr. Wilhelm’s is the first in Montana to utilize this technology.

How does Electrons Plus work?  The human body uses electricity to transfer messages to other cells or organs so, like a battery, our cells carry a voltage. We need those electric charges to maintain optimal heath so if we are hurt it means our electrical impulses are working as they should be. As we age, get sick or injured, our body has trouble transmitting these synapses as efficiently. Electron Plus therapy uses a unique combination of magnetic and electrical fields, guided by the doctor’s hands, to help repair and restore the electrical balance in our bodies to get us healthy and running up to a hundred percent again. 

Electron Plus treatment is used by sports medicine practitioners from USA Track and Field, the National Football League, Major League Baseball, the Professional Golf Association Tour and more, so it is on the cutting edge of therapy for elite and professional athletes. If professionals trust it then you know it must be potent. Although it can help athletes tremendously, this therapy is not only for people who participate in sports. It can be used for people with injuries, degenerative diseases, inflammation, fatigue, and everything in between. Electron Plus has been studied rigorously and is shown to speed up the healing of injuries such as wounds, joint pain and tissue swelling. It will even help with mental injuries such as anxiety and depression, which many people suffer from. 

No ill effects from Electron Plus therapy have been identified, and patients are happy to voice the benefits it provides including decreased pain, reduced inflammation, increased range of motion, faster recovery, reduced muscle loss from surgery, increased strength in ligaments, faster healing of skin wounds, enhanced capillary formation, faster nerve regeneration and decreased tissue necrosis. PEMF therapy has been used for over 50 years to help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and speed up healing. Now, with the addition of Electron Plus therapy, these benefits can be amplified and better guided and directed. Electron Plus is a new modality that uses guidance technology to increase the effectiveness of PEMF therapy.  The healing electromagnetic energy is directly guided by the practitioner hands directly to the treatment area. This combination therapy is non-invasive, safe and effective.   Dr. Wilhelm raves about this advancement in treatment technology.  “This technology is a complete game-changer for helping athletes achieve, recover, and perform!  When I first saw and experienced Electrons Plus Guided PEMF, I had to have it!  In fact, I purchased a unit the very next day. My athletes are loving how they feel after treatments, and as a high-level performance therapist, this is exactly the kind of tool I need to create clear, noticeable change for the athltes I serve.”

The benefits you receive from Electron Plus treatment are often experienced after only one to three treatments. Long term treatments are advised to keep your body at peak health. Electron Plus is just the newest form of PEMF therapy.  PEMF devices work for a plethora of ailments but it truly shines when it is applied to nonunion fractures, or bones that have failed to heal correctly; thus keeping the person in pain and unable to perform their daily tasks.  This same technology can be applied to other tissues, including muscles, myofascia, ligaments, and tendons, making it a versatile tool for aiding in musculoskeletal injury recovery and performance enhancement.

Electron Plus therapy is a new and exciting modality that offers a unique combination of guided electrons and PEMF therapy to help the body heal itself faster than any other method. This cutting-edge therapy is backed by rigorous studies and has shown to be effective in reducing pain, inflammation, and speeding up the healing process for a variety of injuries and conditions. If you are looking for a unique edge in performance and recovery, Electron Plus therapy may be right for you. Contact Dr. Wilhelm today to learn more about this life-changing therapy.

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