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Textoni 2022 Freelancer World Report

Palo Alto, California Dec 7, 2022 ( – Can we describe the freelancer business model as B2B? Absolutely, yes. The fact that freelancers sell their services to businesses and impersonate “B” became more evident in 2022. Let’s take a closer look at the effects of freelancing, which is now accepted by the public as a “permanent” business model, with the help of statistics.

Pulse of the Sector in Figures

Did you know that approximately 1.6 billion people work as freelancers? The sheer size of the freelancing industry is even easier to describe: the total value of the global freelancer platform market is close to $4 billion. In the United States alone, freelancers’ earnings for 2022 have increased by $100 million and are now testing the $1.5 trillion mark. Worldwide, the average freelancer earns $21 an hour. With a little math, this ratio shows us that a freelancer will earn an average of $2,500 per month as a result of 4 hours of work.

From Numbers to Insight

  • Around 70% of freelancers are between the ages of 24 and 35. We can conclude from this 70% figure that there is a significant contribution of young adults to the freelancing sector, and with this generation shaping the future, the way they work could change dramatically.
  • In 2020, the most prominent issue was that about 40% of people working with the freelance model had high school diplomas or lower. In 2021, the drop of this rate to around 32% continued 2022, and the undergraduate and graduate participation rate in the freelance model increased to 83%. This rate shows us all that the labor force, theoretically specialized in their fields, is shifting to the freelance model.
  • The market size of platforms that bring the freelance workforce together with brands was worth $2.35 billion in 2018. The market size platforms create, which climbs towards $4 billion in the 2020-2021-2022 sequence, is only 3% of the market created by freelancers. This rate shows that in the coming years, the way forward for customized (niche) platforms where freelancers and brands meet is quite open. Forecasts suggest that by 2027, global freelancing platforms will be worth $10 billion.

How is the Market Size Generated by the Self-Employed Spreading to the Grassroots?

  • Jobs that require theoretical and practical knowledge such as software, marketing, and consulting are seen as the golden children in the freelancer world. Freelancers in software, information technology, business consulting, and marketing earn higher salaries, although this varies according to experience and expertise.
  • It is possible to say that software developers work for $70 per hour in the United States. This is almost 3.5 times the average hourly earnings in the gig economy. The annual earnings of software developers are in the range of $120,000 per year. Mobile app developers are among the highest-paid freelancers after software developers. Mobile app developers earn an average of $62.5 an hour, and their annual earnings are in the range of $100,000.

So, what are the most popular lines of business driving the freelancer market? How much do they earn per hour and per year?

  • Web design, the most in-demand freelance service, earns its developers $90,000 per year. The average hourly earnings of a web developer are around $55.
  • The importance of DATA is also reflected in the freelance market, with data analysts and people who work in CRM earning $60 per hour and annual earnings of around $100,000.
  • Content marketing, apart from its importance in digital marketing, is one of the most important digital marketing tools shaping the freelancing economy. Content writers can earn an average of $40,000 in the freelance economy. Content editors have almost the same rate as content writers.

The 2022 data from Textoni, a freelance content marketplace that has completed its investment process in recent months and accelerated its global efforts, reveals the intersection of the freelance market & content marketing even more clearly.

  • Textoni, which hosts 30,000+ content producers from 58 different countries on its platform, draws attention to the fact that the language of the content, the purpose of writing, and the expertise of the content writer differentiate the remuneration of the content writer. The platform reports that the annual earnings of a person specializing in Brazilian Portuguese could exceed $54,000, while the annual earnings of a person specializing in Urdu would remain at $19,000.
  • Data from Textoni also show that annual earnings vary according to the purpose for which the content is written. When the annual earnings of a producer who writes Life-Style blogs and a producer who prepares white papers for industry companies are analyzed, a 72% difference is observed.
  • The most preferred content types in 2022 were a blog, product description, social media text, and press release, respectively.
  • When the need for content arises, 72% of brands prefer to outsource.
  • Brands registered on the platform increased their content marketing budgets by 67% in the last quarter.
  • Working with niche marketplace platforms increases trust in freelance producers.

Nicheized Platforms; Textoni – Content Marketing – Freelancer Triangle

Textoni is a Turkey-based freelance platform. It is a structure of freelancers providing services in the field of content production and content marketing, which is a more niche area compared to its competitors in the market. Gaining rapid momentum as a start-up, Textoni has recently started to include freelance producers who also produce audio content, emphasizing that it focuses on the concept of content marketing in a broad context, not just written content. There are 30,000+ content creators in different categories registered on the platform.

Today, niche marketplace platforms, which are proliferating in different sectors, bring to light the fact that large marketplace structures cannot adequately respond to the supply-demand balance. Textoni, which recently concluded an investment round, is preparing to launch various panel and product models with the investment it has received.

Source :Textoni

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