Bio Oxidative Nasal Spray, Dry Mucus Membranes Moisturizer Updated

The company’s updated bio-oxidative remedy contains stabilized active oxygen to remove toxic pathogens present in the sinuses.

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IAMOXYGEN’s new Defender Nasal Hygiene Therapy can be used by people who suffer from respiratory illnesses such as hay fever, sinusitis, or the typical cold and flu. The advanced spray uses the healing properties of oxygenation to lower inflammation and hydrate the sinuses thereby clearing the airways and relieving nasal discomfort.

According to recent research published by the United States National Library of Medicine, oxygenation is a critical determinant in the rate at which wounds, inflammation, or infections heal. Findings from the research showed that oxygenation was effective in slowing the progression of disease-causing pathogens.

IAMOXYGEN’s Defender nasal hygiene spray is infused with bio-stabilized liquid oxygen and trace minerals, making it effective against the anaerobic bacteria and viruses usually found in sinus cavities. The purifying properties of the solution provide soothing relief from irritation and pain caused by infections.

The nasal hygiene spray contains ingredients like sodium chloride and distilled water, which are 100% organic and non-addictive, making it safe for users of all ages. Intense hydration is provided via nasal treatment in the form of liquid oxygen, which moisturizes dry mucous membranes and promotes the development of a healthier respiratory system.

Aside from its Defender nasal hygiene spray, IAMOXYGEN also offers products for skin cell and cellular renewal treatment using stabilized oxygen.

About the Company

IAMOXYGEN creates vegan and cruelty-free products using concentrated bio-oxidative, ozone, and oxygen therapies for health rejuvenation and immunity boosting. It offers organically sourced products ranging from skincare therapies to ingestible electrolyte solutions and nasal sprays.

A satisfied client said, “My flu symptoms began to disappear just three days after using the Defender Nasal Hygiene Therapy, which allowed me to get back to my normal routine. Since then, I’ve used Defender to keep my seasonal allergies away and improve my oxygen levels.”

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