Accouter’s Luxury Interior Designers Now Offering Services in Dubai

Luxury interior design firm, Accouter, has already established its reputation for turning exclusive spaces into luxurious homes in London. The company is now making its mark in the international market, specifically in the Middle East.

Part of the company’s appeal is the fact that it has a handpicked team of creative professionals, including architects, interior designers, and artisans who are committed to bringing their clients’ visions to life.

Having impressed London clients, the business is now wowing international luxury homeowners.

Accouter recently partnered with Atlantis the Royal Residences–Dubai’s most premium residential development so far–creating elegant, yet effortless interiors that reflect the lifestyle of those who would live there.

The firm explains that it especially focused on complementing the ocean view without taking away from its breathtaking beauty.

Inspiration for the designs was taken from beautiful seashells and the notable Dubai sunsets, implemented with style and designed to create impact, the company claims.

With this project, the business has proven that it can design luxury interiors that will meet the needs of the Dubai trendsetters and tastemakers just as effortlessly as it did in London.

To mark the success of this project and to highlight its commitment to premium style, the business has released a guide on selecting the right luxury interior designer for Dubai homes.

It starts with a list of some of the best interior design companies that one can also find in Dubai, including names like Algedra, Muse Interior Design, and XBD Collective. The list also provides the strengths and focus of each of the names listed.

The guide goes on to explain how interior designers could help clients identify their design preferences and the way they want their homes to look. In order to do that, they should have certain qualities.

According to the business, a designer should first have a conversation with the client to get a sense of their vision, lifestyle, and passions. This should then be used as inspiration for ideas and concepts for the design scheme.

Interior designers should also be able to help clients plan and optimise unusually shaped spaces and layouts. Using their creativity, experienced designers can come up with unique and sophisticated ideas to make the spaces stand out, states the firm.

Another thing that luxury interior designers should offer is access to luxury artisans. These professionals should be able to use their global network to procure the right pieces of art for client homes. They should also be able to provide expert advice on major art investments or commissions.

The luxury interior design firm explains that design should be more than just about aesthetically pleasing schemes. It should also represent the homeowner’s story and preferences. At the same time, it should promote sustainability, diversity, and social responsibility.

Accouter opened its design studio in London in 2012. Since then, this award-winning firm has taken on several high-profile clients and has delivered each project with excellence. To learn more about what the company does, visit

37-41 Mortimer Street

United Kingdom

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