Pain Management: Ketamine Therapy Available To Residents Of Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona – Approximately 20% of all adults in the United States suffer from a condition that causes chronic pain. These individuals often work with their healthcare providers to no avail, as idiopathic pain is difficult to diagnose and treat. Fortunately, there is a solution for some patients in the form of ketamine therapy. Phoenix-based Complete Ketamine Solutions offers ketamine therapy for those seeking relief from many different types of chronic pain conditions.

Complete Ketamine Solutions of Phoenix is a licensed ketamine clinic that offers ketamine therapy for depression and chronic pain. Providers here explain that ketamine, which has long been used as an anesthetic, can be used in low doses to relieve chronic pain from many different conditions. Further, when administered in a controlled clinical environment, ketamine therapy is considered safe and runs very little risk of addiction.

Ketamine therapy can help with neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain is often associated with diabetic neuropathy. Neuropathic issues happen when the nervous system is damaged from lack of blood flow, tissue inflammation, or other problems within the body. Fibromyalgia, which is often difficult to diagnose and treat, is another common chronic pain condition that is known to be resistant to many forms of therapy. According to providers that Complete Ketamine Solutions of Phoenix, fibromyalgia can result in widespread muscle pain and tenderness. Ketamine therapy is also used in some cancer patients to treat back pain. While there is no cure for many of these conditions, chronic pain can be managed with lifestyle changes and medical intervention, such as ketamine therapy.

Ketamine treatments may also be effective at helping people with traumatic spinal cord injuries. Anytime the spine or the nerves are damaged, people can experience permanent loss of strength and sensation. Further, these individuals may experience prolonged pain that’s difficult to manage safely with traditional painkillers. Using controlled ketamine therapy is a smart solution for individuals wishing to avoid the potential for addiction associated with long-term pain medication usage.

Interestingly, Complete Ketamine Solutions explains that ketamine therapy may work quicker and for much longer than traditional treatment options. Many people experience relief for weeks to months after a single ketamine infusion package.

Complete Ketamine Solutions explains that ketamine therapy is administered in the company’s Phoenix clinic. It is an intravenous experience that lasts from about 45 minutes to around five hours, and the dosage time and amount depend upon the person’s individual symptoms and pain level. Throughout the infusion process, patients experience a sensation of tingling and floating. Those who are sensitive to ketamine may also experience mild to moderate hallucinations and feelings of disassociation from the body.

Unlike other anesthetic medications, people typically do not fall asleep while on ketamine. Instead, they often report the sensation of being relaxed and detached from reality.

Ketamine therapy is useful for both pain and depression. It is believed that it works by triggering glutamate production in the brain, which can help the brain naturally regrow pathways that have been damaged in the past. Ketamine therapy is useful in helping people with treatment-resistant depression along with PTSD, OCD, substance use disorders, and migraine.

Complete Ketamine Solutions recommends a full evaluation before anyone undergoes any form of ketamine therapy, even a licensed ketamine clinic. While ketamine is considered safe when administered by an experienced healthcare provider, it does have side effects, which should be discussed on an individual basis.

For more information about ketamine therapy from Complete Ketamine Solutions of Phoenix, visit the company online and schedule a consultation with a licensed clinical provider.

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