New Book Presents Marathon! Can love defeat anger, hate, despair, and intolerable pain?

Marathon by John Herbert

John Herbert is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and resides in Southern Ontario to this day.

Cheyenne, Wyoming Dec 6, 2022 ( – PEN2PAPER PRESS, LTD / An incredible odyssey towards joining and running a marathon even after battling a series of life’s complexities and tribulations. Through stream-of-consciousness style writing, John Herbert delves deep into the minds of marathon runners and the mental struggles they are faced each and every day. An athlete’s perseverance and determination are just some of the varieties of challenges that life throws at us. Are you ready to run the marathon of your life?

MARATHON by John Herbert is such a motivational and inspirational story that depicts the life of Richard Marlborough. Richard’s purpose is to reach the line in the MARATHON to realize the meaning of his own struggles. Let’s embark on a magnificent journey with style and tone that absolutely makes the book feel like almost a diary. The author ensures that readers are able to connect with Richards’s life perplexities and make certain that we feel all the heartache and triumphs along the way.

Can love defeat anger, hate, despair, and intolerable pain? John Herbert is one tough and tenacious writer. His outstanding intelligence and willpower to write such a powerful narrative are simply awe-inspiring. As the story progresses, readers are guaranteed a sense of humor in each and every chapter. Nonetheless, this book definitely serves as a beacon of hope to anyone who thinks there’s no way out. We all need to push forward regardless of the goals we are all trying to achieve.

The demon of despair senses one’s vulnerability and vows to capture one’s soul for the dark side. If you are struggling to find the light in your life and if by any means readers will find some kind of elixir for living the human experience through this story, then you are destined for greatness!

The author invites you to read this unique and creative story of the MARATHON of life. Such a comprehensive book that feels long, but also leaves nothing out. Let’s celebrate how life and faith are intermingled through this inspirational narrative. What a beautiful journey lies ahead for the marathon of our lives!

John Herbert commits to writing about his hometown like Dickens for his London and Twain the Mississippi. John takes this opportunity to acknowledge all the beautiful people and places on our planet. ‘It’s not possible to be so proficient at a craft that one is invulnerable to the physical ordeal of the exercise.’

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