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Lagos, Nigeria Dec 5, 2022 ( – The global music industry is filled with talent that is versatile which makes the art so compelling and captivating. Exploring the global music scene, a high-spirited and lively duo from Africa, Drax Africa has started their musical journey and rapidly entered the international music industry with its powerful performances. Music is undoubtedly the most famous art form that is widely popular in every corner of the world. This fact makes the industry extremely competitive where only real talent and creative expressions can make a proper impression in people’s hearts. From the previous records and the way the duo is moving forward, it is standing proof that the duo is in for the long run. Now they are all set to release another fresh single on 22nd December, 2022 called ‘Status’ which will help them establish their names even further. Click to Pre-Save ‘Status’

From the beginning, the duo that contains twin brothers have found their passion in music from early childhood. Being born in a family where music was practiced helped the case and their musical growth was inspired by both their father and elder sister. Both the family members, the duo’s father, and elder sister, were vocalists. This gave them the opportunity to explore different genres of music starting from hip-hop, to pop. This exploration of a wider plethora of genres helped the duo discover influential artists like Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, and Celine Dion. These artists along with their family members have played an impact on their musical journey and especially style. By exploring different genres, blending a diverse set of timbers, and watching different works, the duo developed their personal music style. Increasing their personal music taste, Drax Africa has now developed their signature style of ‘Afro-fusion’ and is currently taking the music industry by storm. In just a short period, after their debut, the duo is already creating their own fan base and supporters.

When the duo was formed and started in the music industry, they had one primary goal in mind, making the world happy and grooving through their talent and music. Since their childhood, the Reggae music genre has inspired them more than others. They have spent quality time in their early lives listening to the Reggae legends like Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, etc. This has helped the multi-instrumentalist twin brothers, Kelvin and Golden Mumba choose their own path. After they start listening to Reggae music, they quickly realized that this is the genre that excites them the most and that Reggae is the perfect path to take on. The listeners will be able to feel the groove of Reggae music in their signature afro-fusion music and will see how impactful the genre has been in their music style.

The duo started in the African music industry in 2019, and it is also when they released their first ever project, ‘Turn Around’. The song quickly gained popularity and the duo found people’s appreciation and fame in the industry along with the success of the track. ‘Turn Around’ also became the perfect song of the summer which contained elements of pop music. The colorful and vibrant vibe and upbeat music on the track also made it the perfect example of an Afro-Pop song. The song was recovered with open arms by the African citizens and also gathered support from worldwide Afro-music listeners for the twin brothers. The song gives off such a fresh vibe, instantly making the audience groove with the bouncy rhythm. This is also the main reason why the artist duo and their debut track gained such popularity in the independent African music scene. Even though the main credit goes to Drax Africa, the featuring artist Kondwani Tha Troy who is a Zambian vocalist also did an exceptional job at creating a track that is so enjoyable. The vocalist’s voice blended so well with the composition of the track, along with the duo’s powerful and charismatic vocals.

The following year, the duo also released another track, ‘Heart of Mine’ which again created quite a buzz in the industry. The two releases back to back helped them win the Artist Republik’s ‘Song of the Summer’ award and gave them nationwide recognition, for two consecutive years. This win also helped the duo establish themselves further in the African music industry and planted them as a powerful act in the independent music scene of Africa. This has also captured the attention of the Jamaican Reggae giant General Degree, with whom Drax Africa collaborated in their 2020 single, ‘Fine One’ accelerating their careers further.

‘Turn Around’ also won another award in 2021 for being the Best Indie track which inspired them to continue the journey even further in hopes to increase their global fan base. In 2022, the duo released a single titled ‘Only You’, a collaboration with the Ecuadorian electronic artist ‘Zlav’. This release has helped the artist duo to get recognition as an award-winning and powerful collaborator outside their genre of Afro-fusion music.

After some successful musical ventures, the duo focused on writing and recording solo material. This process helped them grow their music careers and the duo was back again to release their single ‘Senorita’ once again in 2022. This is also the first track from their debut EP, titled ‘Afro in Space’. The song was produced by Mr. Rocky, their long-time collaborator, and has already gained 40,000 + streams across different music streaming platforms. Click to stream ‘Senorita’

On 19th January, 2023 the duo is set to release another single titled ‘Shale’ which is a dubbed track about love and relationships. Hoping to create a similar magic this time, the song is coming with a deeper theme that will make the audience wonder about the challenging yet beautiful journey of love. The track is also projected to be the twin brother’s most successful venture yet with its emotive theme and beautiful composition. You can Click to Pre-Save ‘Shale’ and listen to the artist duo’s previous ventures on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Soundcloud, Pandora, Boomplay, Anghami, Audiomack, and YouTube. Click to listen on your preferred music service.

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