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Recognizing that deal sourcing is an essential yet extremely time-consuming task for investment banks, OutFlow introduced a hands-off deal origination system that fills clients’ pipelines with a consistent and reliable stream of opportunities, allowing them to focus on the deal closing process.

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Trusted by over 200 M&A advisors, investment banks, brokers, and private equity professionals, the updated platform utilizes a combination of data-driven strategies and outbound marketing to find exclusive opportunities with a high potential for success. OutFlow can be involved in all the steps of the deal sourcing process, from targeting to arranging a meeting for the client.

The key benefit of the solution offered by OutFlow is its reliability and scalability. The company’s experts underscore the importance of a structured and proactive approach to deal sourcing. Their outbound strategy allows them to be in control of the quantity and quality of prospects, ensuring more effective pipeline management and giving clients a competitive advantage.

“While the M&A transaction lifecycle is unique, the fundamental principles underlying growth are not,” says a company representative. “Counting on referrals and networking strategies will only cause peaks and valleys. Stop counting on things that are out of your control. Look for scalable solutions.”

OutFlow starts its process with precise targeting in order to determine the characteristics of the ideal prospect. This may include company size, industry, and geographical region. Outbound marketing strategies are used to find matching prospects. Upon creation of the database, each opportunity is vetted to ensure that the information is up-to-date and the target is a good strategic fit.

According to OutFlow, another challenging aspect of the deal origination process, the inefficient execution of which often leads to failure, is outreach. It is necessary to create a sharp, intriguing message with the main selling points and a clear call to action that will break through the “flood” of emails and capture the reader’s attention. OutFlow’s team of experts in marketing and copywriting can create compelling messages that will resonate with the audience to maximize the chances of a successful outcome.

“Vinay and his team were in communication with us on a consistent basis and flooded us with opportunities,” said a satisfied client. “I would highly recommend this service to any firm engaged in sell-side or buy-side advisory services.”

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