DuckDuckGo Alternative Browser: News With No Liberal Bias For Moderates Launched

The latest version of the web browser includes anti-censorship features and aims to give users more control over their web-browsing experience. Rather than news and insights being dictated by algorithms that can be controlled by large tech companies, TUSK delivers unfiltered stories that are relevant to the user’s interests.

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The latest move empowers conservatives and those with moderate political leanings and incorporates advanced security solutions. TUSK forces sites to use HTTPS where possible to add additional layers of protection on both the client and server sides.

Data shows that around 20% of the top 100,000 websites in the world still don’t use HTTPS, which can lead to inadequate security during the browsing process. Older, HTTP-reliant sites are vulnerable to cyber criminals who can eavesdrop on or oversee transactions and exchanges.

The TUSK browser incorporates a personally curated news feed featuring stories from sites and platforms that the user has determined trustworthy. It offers the ability to use a proprietary ranking system to display the most important, popular, or notable stories. No account is required to use the browser, and support is available for most Chrome extensions.

The primary goal of the browser is championing free speech, and this underscores all the latest feature developments. The team believes that more ubiquitous platforms censor the news, and TUSK offers an alternative way to browse the internet.

Available on the iOS and Android app stores, TUSK can be downloaded now and is regularly updated to maintain privacy, trust, and reliability. The team is also working on an integrated search tool called TUSK Search, which will provide an alternative to the search engines available online now.

A spokesperson for the company states: “First, and most importantly, TUSK founder, Jeff Bermant is a patriot who loves the United States of America with all his heart. That’s why he’s putting his money where his mouth is in founding TUSK. An entrepreneur with over thirteen years in the field of browser development, combined with his deep love of America, Jeff Bermant is the right person at the right time in history to effect change.”

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5383 Hollister Ave., Suite 120

United States

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