Brickell Client & Personal Trainer Matching Platform: Fitness Marketplace Launch

The new platform is designed to make it easy and convenient for personal trainers to find, schedule, and bill clients. It allows trainers to have total control of their workload, have a steady stream of clients, and even sell their own fitness programs.

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The launch of the new trainer-client platform coincides with a Men’s Health Magazine article that talks about the benefits of personal training not only for newbies but for exercise pros as well. Personal trainers are able to see a client’s form from different angles, check for imbalances, and in some cases, detect some issues before they become serious.

However, FitnessAtYourDoor believes that even with the obvious benefits of personal training, big gyms focus less on providing quality service, and prioritize pushing clients to renew and book extra sessions.

The fitness platform explains that this not only turns off clients, but it adds unnecessary pressure on personal trainers. Many of them lose their passion for helping others transform their bodies and be in the best shape possible.

Another disadvantage of working for big gyms is that personal trainers cannot “own” their coaching style. They must always follow the standards set by the company, and often, they are discouraged, if not sanctioned, for introducing their own twist to the workouts, even if they are much better than what the company recommends.

Both clients and personal trainers are protected in the new marketplace. Clients have peace of mind because FitnessAtYourDoor fully vets the personal trainers on the platform to ensure they are professional and have a strong track record. On the other hand, personal trainers don’t have to chase clients for payments because they already paid upfront for every session booked on the platform.

FitnessAtYourDoor makes it easy for trainers to focus on doing what they love, without the hassle of dealing with too many administrative tasks. Once they start with the platform, all they need to follow are the 4 Ts – Time, Transform, Tag, and Track.

They need to arrive on time, transform each session into a meaningful experience for the client, tag FitnessAtYourDoor on social media, and complete the tracking form every Friday for prompt payouts.

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