The Power of Regenerative Medicine in Treating Joint Pain; QC Kinetix (Columbus) GA, Shares Insights

Columbus, GA – Millions of Americans are living in pain which has affected their ability to perform normal daily activities or engage in the activities they once loved. There’s a projected increase in the number of Americans between 18 and 60 suffering from chronic pain between now and the next ten years. This shocking statistic has been a driving force behind the work and research done at QC Kinetix (Columbus), a regenerative medicine clinic in Columbus, GA.

QC Kinetix (Columbus) understands that different factors, such as lifestyle choices, age, and genetics, may make one more prone to facing certain conditions. One condition individuals may experience is chronic joint pain which can hinder them from enjoying an active life. Common available treatment methods have been medication and surgery – and both options do not offer a sustainable and long-term solution to the pain problem.

At QC Kinetix (Columbus), research has revealed the impact of regenerative medicine in improving chronic pain and treating sports injuries while helping patients avoid the common side effects of medication dependence or the risks and complications of surgical procedures.

The clinic’s spokesperson, Scott Hoots, describing regenerative medicine and how it can help with acute and chronic joint pain, noted that it is a minimally invasive procedure that leverages the body’s regenerative abilities to relieve pain problems from the ground up. With this treatment approach, patients will enjoy a more holistic restoration process that addresses both their painful symptoms as well as the underlying conditions causing them pain and discomfort.

The QC Kinetix (Columbus) spokesperson added that they have developed a range of treatment modalities that ensure that patients enjoy the ultimate innate self-restoration power that’ll restore them to better health and wellness.

“There is much that is offered with regenerative Medicine in Columbus, GA, and Phoenix City, AL. As debilitating as chronic pain and sports injuries can be, there is lasting relief available through regenerative clinics like QC Kinetix. We hear from many patients who first turned to painkillers and surgery, only to find out that these invasive, costly options did not adequately resolve their pain. The lengthy recovery periods are also problematic. Fortunately, the regenerative treatments at QC Kinetix offer minimally invasive treatments as an alternative,” the clinic’s spokesperson added.

Columbus, GA residents who are tired of depending on medication or being used as guinea pigs for medication testing, are welcome to learn more about their Columbus office by contacting the clinic for a consultation meeting. The treatment providers are also open to patients diagnosed with joint pain and recommended to undergo surgical procedures to address the problem.

QC Kinetix (Columbus) delivers a personalized service to patients based on their health complaints and needs. The clinic offers an in-depth consultation service at the start of every treatment plan. During this consultation meeting, the treatment providers will go over the patient’s health records to understand past treatment, allergies, and other physiological conditions that could affect their health and treatment. Patients can also use this time to learn more about available treatment modalities and other concerns they may have.

The treatment providers will also conduct a comprehensive health assessment and examination to understand the problem and establish a diagnosis. At the end of the consultation, patients will have a clear treatment plan mapped out based on their diagnosis and health records.

QC Kinetix (Columbus)’s treatment approach is two-pronged. The treatment providers focus on addressing the immediate concern causing their patients pain and discomfort while providing long-term treatments that set the building block for innate restoration and long-term wellness.

Columbus, GA residents suffering from pain affecting their elbow, hip, knee, wrist and ankle, shoulder, neck, or lower back are welcome to schedule an appointment with the team at QC Kinetix (Columbus) for help. The treatment providers can be reached via phone at (706) 525-7720. The clinic is located at 500 18th St, Suite B 20, Columbus, GA, 31901, US. Visit their website for more information on their clinic locations and regenerative medicine treatments.

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