Pioneers Pass PNSB Building a Metaverse and a Quantitative Digital Economy

New York, United States, 4th Dec 2022, King NewsWire In recent years, the metaverse boom has been so strong that according to the analysis of the International Blockchain Foundation Institute, the metaverse related industry chain will account for 1.2% of the total global GDP in 2023, which means that the metaverse sector will see explosive growth. Therefore, Pioneers combines innovative economic systems to make the transaction process safer and more convenient, issues ecological tokens PNSB, uses blockchain, big data, Internet of Things, AI intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies to achieve the integration of data from various industries around the world, realizes blockchain technology to link entity values, creates a global value Internet, and jointly builds an open sharing, collaborative innovation, and sustainable cycle of digital economic alliance ecology, forms a new state financial metaverse global village concept.

The PNSB issuance mechanism is as follows:

Token Name: PNSB 

Token Type: Ethereum Blockchain ERC20 

Total number of issues: 1 billion pieces

Issue Price: 0.1USDT

Spontaneous currency interview airdrop time:December 1, 2022

Spontaneous currency Official Launch Release Date:During the first quarter of 2023   

The launch will be done in New York, USA.

Pioneers allows any user to trade on its fully functional virtual trading platform without invest any money into security, infrastructure or settlement processing.

Pioneers explores more efficient business models that enable equal access to financial services for all and provides open base modules for different distributed application scenarios, enabling a DeFi distributed financial trust base system across finance, industries, applications and endpoints.

All Pioneers assets can be Tokenised and traded freely on the global market. The user side can purchase digital currencies via savings cards and credit cards or bank transfers, using more than 3000 ERC20 digital currencies including BTC, ETH and credit cards are used as payment methods for e-commerce.

Pioneers is committed to empowering finance with technology, continuing to deliver wealth security and asset growth for its clients and aiming to be the fastest growing online technology transaction provider in the world.

With the future in the metaverse, artificial intelligence, quantitative technologies, blockchain and virtual reality, people will live between the virtual and the real in the future, and how to capture the highest market share in the virtual space is the next priority for Pioneers!


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