San Antonio Ashiatsu Massage Deep Tissue Therapy For Chronic Pain Relief Launch

As one of the newest arrivals to San Antonio’s massage therapy scene, Evolving Bodywork draws on the industry’s continuing advancements in its search for optimal massage therapy techniques. Its upgraded Ashiatsu massage option is offered as one of a wide range of plans focusing on injury rehabilitation and pain management.

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With the latest updates, Evolving Bodywork aims to bring the San Antonio community the benefits of modern massage practices in line with efforts to develop its approach to massage therapy. The local studio points to Ashiatsu massage as an example of a service that has been enhanced through continuous training with the goal of achieving the best possible results.

Evolving Bodywork describes its newly updated Ashiatsu massages as designed to help long-suffering individuals retake control over their body and life. A form of deep tissue therapy, Ashiatsu massage targets chronic pain reduction with force applied by the practitioner’s bare feet as they use their body weight to activate nerve centers and loosen tight muscles.

A studio spokesperson said: “Whether you’re troubled with lasting pain from an injury that just won’t fade away or simply need a moment of self-care to refresh yourself after a stressful week, relief is possible. Evolving Bodywork provides professional massages that target a variety of concerns while ensuring that you are fully comfortable and relaxed during your time at our massage studio.”

Its newly updated Ashiatsu massage treatment is provided alongside custom therapy options that also span therapeutic massage, Swedish massage, and others. These are offered in packages built for cost-effectiveness per duration and quantity.

Under the guidance of owner Joe Gutierrez, Evolving Bodywork intends its newly announced Ashiatsu massages to expertly support clients in need. Gutierrez explains that his studio works on an ongoing basis to offer effective and long-lasting relief for those dealing with chronic pain or recovering from sports injuries.

“Joe was exceptionally detailed and thorough in his communication and assessment of what I needed to have worked on,” said one recent client. “He listened to my requests throughout and worked diligently to alleviate my knotted-up hips and glutes to help my back spasms calm down.”

Massage appointments at Evolving Bodywork can be booked online via its official website, with its over-the-phone contact listings providing an additional means of communication.

Interested parties in and around San Antonio can find more details about Evolving Bodywork and its services at

Evolving Body Work
7863 Callaghan Rd
Ste 103
United States

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