Hydraulic Lifting Jacks by Hovair Systems Help Add An Extra Layer Of Control To Air Bearing Systems To Make Height Adjustments More Convenient and Safer

The material handling equipment company offers a broad range of high-end pneumatic solutions to various sectors in the USA at unbelievably cost-effective prices!

Kent, WA, 1st December 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The Bureau of Labor Statistics shared a report which claims that back injuries account for one of every four workplace injuries. 73% of these injuries are associated with manual material handling. Interestingly, the report further highlights how previous injuries frequently re-aggravate with new incidents from extended reach, slips, trips, twisting, and more.

OSHA survey also shows that overexertion injuries are one of the leading causes of increasing employee absenteeism across various industries. The increasing emphasis on safety performance and reducing operational costs has prompted business owners to choose more efficient and safe material handling solutions.

Established as Rolair over five decades ago, Hovair Systems is helping entrepreneurs in various industries navigate the perils associated with moving heavy equipment, products, and other loads ergonomically and safely. The economical solutions are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

All the product range available at Hovair Systems harnesses the power of renewable compressed air to lift heavy loads. A thin layer of film is created between the object and the floor, which helps reduce friction, allowing single-handed movements of up to 5000 pounds with minimal effort.

Our company stocks lifting & rigging equipment, air bearing kits, air skates, air beams, air casters, industrial turntables, load leveling airbags, air casters, and automobile turntables, among other heavy load handling systems.

Air bearings conveniently fit under heavy objects before they’re filled with compressed air. They help float the load, which can then be carried easily anywhere across the facility. Hovair offers hydraulic lifting jacks that help add an extra layer of control to the air-bearing system. The device comprises crank handles for easy load leveling items requiring careful positioning. It’s ideal for facilities with scaffolding or multiple leveled spaces as height adjustments are flexible and easier, allowing you to save both money and time,” explained a representative from the company.

Hovair is a complete heavy-loads moving solutions provider that meets all OSHA and PHA compliance regulations effectively. Many businesses rely on the company when they need to invest in updated ergonomic equipment to improve their facility and make their operations more efficient.

As one of the official licensees of the General Motors Air Bearing Trademark, Hovair Systems offers state-of-the-art load-bearing and moving technology that helps companies gain a competitive edge. Their remarkable client portfolio includes names such as Goodrich Aerospace, Siemens, Hewlett Packard, Lockheed Martin, Pilkington, and other well-known companies.

The company leverages the latest technologies to provide scalable load moving solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Businesses in power generation, reel and roll handling, defense and military, embedded systems, rocket, aircraft, and missile assembly, manufacturing, automobile, and many other sectors have experienced a major difference in their bottom line.

All their solutions are targeted to enhance load moving and equipment hauling while reducing injuries, improving productivity, and mitigating the risk of damage. Those looking for affordable and safe material and equipment hauling solutions can connect with Hovair Systems through the information provided below.

About Hovair Systems

Hovair Systems, previously known as Rolair, is a leading pneumatic load-moving and material-handling systems manufacturing company. It has been offering a broad range of air-powered tools for five decades to streamline efficiency and safety when moving heavy loads or bulky equipment in the industrial environment. The US-based offers custom-tailored designs and features based on load shape and size requirements.

Media Contacts

Company Name: Hovair Systems Manufacturing Incorported

Website: http://www.hovair.com/

Phone: 1-800-237-4518

Email: info@hovair.com

Postal Address: Hovair Systems Mfg. Inc., 6912 South 220th Street, Kent, WA 98032, USA

Email: info@hovair.com

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