CYFS Enables Web3 and Decentralized Storage of Data

CYFS is the way to the future and the decentralized technology enables Web3 and decentralized storage of data, which helps monetize data, freely publish contents, freely run apps, freely rent storage space and more.

(November 30, 2022): Decentralized technology refers to the use of decentralized systems to power the internet. These decentralized networks do not rely on centralized servers, making them much more secure than their traditional counterparts. There are many different types of decentralized technologies, including blockchain, peer-to-peer networking, cryptocurrency, and distributed computing.

By enhancing the fundamental Web protocol (TCP/IP+DNS+HTTP), CYFS is the future-generation decentralized technology to create a Web3 with complete decentralization and freedom. Everybody will be able to own their assets, data, and applications thanks to CYFS. All of the data that is produced in CYFS, including texts, images, comments, chat logs, code commits, and so forth, is the property of owners and may be an NFT.

Block chain is a type of decentralized technology that uses cryptography to create a digital ledger of transactions without the need for a central authority. Peer-to-peer networking is a way of connecting computers directly without using any intermediary devices. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses encryption techniques to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify transfers. Distributed computing is a method of solving computational problems by dividing them into smaller parts and distributing those parts across several computers.

Investors can make money off of them by renting, selling, or asking other online users for tips or donations. To publish content and allow others to access it without any latency in CYFS, they can create a content-oriented, immutable cyfs:/ URL. No one has the power to alter or limit the content of investors because the process is totally decentralized.  

The ownership of CYFS’s data was established at the time of generation, and it is linked together using Trust Link to create a “data-ownership network.” Content can be shared across apps in this way and will always be your property. It returns the rights that belong to web content creators. Everyone has an equal right to post content online thanks to CYFS. It shows the road to web3, decentralized finance and decentralized social media. Created by an expert team comprising of decentralized Developer, nft Developer, Defi Developer and web3 Developer, it is the way to the future for NFT investors and Web3 enthusiasts.

CYFS Applications are entirely decentralized as well. Like data, all apps can only be controlled by the user and cannot be stopped or altered by third parties. Users have the right to use applications permanently, and developers have the right to post and update them. This allows for the implementation of fully decentralized application DAOs.

Ability to monetize data, freely publish contents, freely run apps, freely rent storage space and more. User-centricity instead of app-centricity is the focus of this type of app. While in Web2, all data is the property of the application operators, in CYFS, owners actually own their data because it is stored in a decentralized form. Everyone has the equal right to post content online thanks to CYFS. Computing resources are distributed in CYFS as well. Owners may securely rent out unused Decentralized storage space to third parties in order to allow hardware backups of their data.

About CYFS

CYFS is the decentralized technology of the next generation, and helps in the implementation of fully decentralized application DAOs. Whether it comes to decentralized storing, decentralized code, decentralized git hosting platform or decentralized app, this is the technology to trust on.

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